Current program fees range from $10-$25 per participant, per event.  Your donation will go directly to our scholarship fund and allow teens with financial constraints to participate in our programs.  

Circle Member donations help us build the initial infrastructure, invest in community outreach and support our startup needs for the smooth execution of teen programming

Seedlings Circle -  From small seeds grow mighty trees! $10/month

Foundation Circle – $300 annually or $25/month for 12 months

Evergreen Circle – $500 annually or $50/month for 10 months

Golden Oak Circle - $1,000 annually or $100/month for 10 months

Circle Members

Golden Oak Circle ($1,000 or more annually)

Sheri Lewin • St. Matthias Church • JJ Dahl Family Foundation

Evergreen Circle ($500 or more annually)

Mary Lachiusa Josephine Eisenberg • Danielle Archer • Brian Zollweg • Cartier Financial Services

Foundation Circle Members ($300 or more annually)

Kristine Walsworth • Marianne Hunnel • Judith Ford • Julia Gatewood • Sean Parks • Grow And Go Life Coaching

Seedling Circle Members ($120 or more annually)

Ebo Entsuah • Hancock Realty