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Write for Teen Talk

Writing on a Notebook

Get your voice heard!

Thrive Clermont wants to publish your articles in our monthly newsletter, Alive ‘n Thrivin’! Featuring articles written by teens, our special insert, Teen Talk, is the perfect place to see your name in writing.  


Give us your inside scoop on subjects like local happenings, news stories, sports, fashion trends, or whatever other topics you’d like to share with with our readers! For inspiration, check out our newsletter page to see what other's have written or scroll down for a great list of writing prompts!

Ready to submit some writing? Email your article to or upload it here!

Why Write For Teen Talk?

> Get real journalism experience and see your name in print

> Develop your writing and journalism skills

> Strengthen your resume and college application

> Get practice writing on a higher level to prepare for college

> Receive volunteer hours for writing for Thrive Clermont

> Get your voice heard!

> And so much more!

Submission Guidelines

> Submissions should include your first and last name, your school, your zip code, the title, and the date.

> Articles should be roughly 200-400 words 

> Preferred file types are .doc or .docx documents, but most formats will work!


> Include any photos in a .png or .jpg format (don't forget captions!)

> Make sure your images are your own, or provide the source 

> All Teen Talk articles are subject to editing. Make sure the content is your own!

Resources for Writers


Got Writer's Block? 

Not sure what to write about?  Consider these prompts!

> Talk about a cause you're passionate about and why others should care

> Tell readers about the latest trends


> Know of anything cool happening in the community? Share it with us!

> How are you and your peers preparing for life after high school?

Need some additional help regarding our newsletter? Send us an email and we'll reach out to you soon!

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