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Spring Newsletter

Updated: May 6

Greetings, Thrive Clermont community!
As we embrace the blossoming spirit of spring, it brings me great joy to share with you the latest news from our beloved organization. At Thrive, our commitment to empowering teens to succeed remains unwavering, and this season has been no exception. With a focus on our core impact areas, we continue to nurture the potential of young minds and hearts, shaping them into leaders of tomorrow.
Welcoming New Faces to Our Teen Advisory Council
February marked a significant milestone for Thrive as we welcomed 18 exceptional teens into service on our Teen Advisory Council (TAC). Hailing from 12 different schools across our diverse community, these passionate individuals bring with them a wealth of talent, energy, and fresh perspectives. Their commitment to making a difference is truly inspiring, and we are thrilled to have them on board.
The TAC members play a pivotal role in driving Thrive’s mission forward. Through volunteering in areas such as social media management, video production, and event planning, they contribute to the success of our organization in tangible ways. Their dedication and enthusiasm serve as the cornerstone of our efforts, enabling us to host 11 impactful events throughout the year.

Teens Speak at City Council Meeting

In March Thrive Clermont had the privilege of taking some of our teens to speak at a local City Council meeting. We're grateful for the support of our local government partners, who provide venue space and more for our programs. At the meeting, members of Thrive's Teen Advisory Council shared the successes of our 2023 programs and highlighted upcoming events for teens in Groveland. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to empowering teens and strengthening our community.

Thrive's Land Your First Job Event

What an incredible evening it was at Thrive Clermont's first Land Your First Job Event for teens in Lake County, FL in March! Teens had the opportunity to engage with local employers, receive resume critiques, practice interview skills, and learn about payroll taxes and teen labor laws. Hosted by Thrive Clermont, this event provided invaluable knowledge and experience to young people as they pursue their first job. We're proud to support the next generation and equip them with the resources they need to thrive.

Thrive welcomes it’s new Manager of Strategic Partnerships and Development,

Jamila Smith

Jamila Smith joins Thrive Clermont as the new Manager of Strategic Partnerships and Development, supporting the organization's mission of Empowering Teens to Succeed. With extensive experience in community outreach and partnership development, Jamila brings valuable insights from her previous role in the Washington DC area. Her leadership talents were showcased as the Community Relations Manager for a network of homeless shelters in Alexandria, VA, where she maximized community engagement and fostered strategic partnerships. Now, in her new role, Jamila will expand relationships with Thrive's partners across Central Florida, ensuring the organization's commitment to providing high-quality youth programming and sustainability.

Fueling a Year of Possibilities

Thanks to the unwavering dedication of our Teen Advisory Council, Thrive is poised for a year filled with promise and potential. Their contributions pave the way for our upcoming events, each one designed to foster growth and empowerment across our community. From workshops on career readiness to volunteer opportunities that promote civic engagement, we are committed to providing enriching experiences that resonate with our youth.

As we embark on this journey together, let us celebrate the spirit of collaboration and resilience that defines Thrive Clermont. Together, we can empower the next generation to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Get Involved!

Whether you choose to volunteer your time, donate to sponsor a teen (starting at just $10 your donations also enters you into a raffle to win an amazing prize), sponsor our June Summer PopUps series (featuring educational and recreational activities), or become an annual or recurring sponsor, your support makes a significant impact on the success of our programs and the empowerment of the teens we serve! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all past supporters and warmly welcome new and continued support. Join us today and help spread the word about our mission. It's thanks to your support that our teens achieve their remarkable accomplishments!

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