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Thrive Clermont Is Devoted To Empowering Teens To Succeed Through Skill Building, Socialization, and Mentoring Programs Offered Year Round.

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2021 Workshops
Personal Finance & Budgeting Workshop

This workshop introduces banking basics and explains what a credit score is and why it is important.

The Entrepreneur Workshop

This workshop offers a variety of careers that are introduced by our local professionals and business owners.

Exploring the Trades Workshop

Community experts share their career choice, valuable experience and the educational paths for their career choice. 

Round Table
Q &A Panel

Teens are given a chance to  digest, personalize, and formalize questions that pertain to the material that interests them and next can collect valuable insight


Adulting Program

Thrive’s Adulting workshops build a foundation for students to navigate their path to personal and financial success. Focused on financial education and career exploration, the workshops offer students the opportunity to interact with community members in a wide range of careers to increase knowledge and confidence as they make decisions on their journeys to success.

October 18 | October 25 | November 1 | November 8

UCF/LSSC | South Lake Campus
1250 N Hancock Rd
Clermont, FL 34711

Workshops & dinner run each night from 6-8pm.

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