Thrive Clermont’s Teen Advisory Council

We are seeking motivated teenagers from the Lake County area to serve on our Teen Advisory Council (TAC). The TAC will advise and assist in critical planning and implementation elements of Thrive Clermont's Programs and Events for Teens.

The Teen Advisory Council meets monthly thanks to the support of UCF and Lake-Sumter State College, who have graciously donated classroom space for us to use at their Clermont Campus

The 2019 TAC has over two dozen members, and is focusing on a variety of projects, including:

Teen Volunteer PlugIns: The TAC is very involved in the TVP program, and is currently vetting new nonprofit parters to participate in this program. The TAC is also working with established partners to ensure that volunteer opportunities for program participants are fun and educational. 

Fundraising: The TAC is currently trying to find ways to help fund more programming for teens in Clermont, and are organizing spirit nights and a fall fundraising event to try and raise money to support the addition of more mentoring and life skills programs. 

Teen Survey: The newest initiative that Thrive Clermont's TAC has undertaken in 2019 is the creation of a teen survey, which will collect data from over 1000 young people in our community, and help discover trends that will hopefully allow us to design programming that will better serve teens in our area. 

Circle Members

Golden Oak Circle ($1,000 or more annually)

Sheri Lewin • St. Matthias Church • JJ Dahl Family Foundation

Evergreen Circle ($500 or more annually)

Mary Lachiusa Josephine Eisenberg • Danielle Archer • Brian Zollweg • Cartier Financial Services

Foundation Circle Members ($300 or more annually)

Kristine Walsworth • Marianne Hunnel • Judith Ford • Julia Gatewood • Sean Parks • Grow And Go Life Coaching

Seedling Circle Members ($120 or more annually)

Ebo Entsuah • Hancock Realty